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The backhoe R925 is equipped with a high-power engine and an efficient hydraulic system, which can easily cope with various excavation operation needs. Its unique bucket design makes excavation operations more precise and efficient, significantly improving work efficiency. The loader has a solid chassis and reasonable counterweight design, which can maintain stable operation in complex terrain and harsh environments. This stability not only improves operating efficiency, but also reduces operational risks.

The backhoe R925 adopts an advanced control system, with flexible and convenient operation and quick response. Operators can easily adjust the angle and depth of the bucket to meet different operating needs while ensuring the safety and accuracy of operations.

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Basic performance parameters
operating weight 6300kg
Loading capacity 1m³
Loading lifting capacity 2500KG
Bucket unloading height 3500mm
Backhoe bucket capacity 0.3m3
Maximum digging depth 4000mm
minimum ground clearance 300mm
steering system
Bucket rotation agle 180°
Dipper rod rotation arc 180°
System pressure 12MPa
Type Power shift
maximum speed 22km/h
brand Yuchai/Kohler/Changchai
model YN38GBZ/KDI2503TCR/4G33


This loader has the ability to load and unload quickly, which can significantly reduce operating time and improve operating efficiency. In addition, its efficient fuel consumption reduces operating costs.

This loader uses high-quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure the equipment has excellent durability and reliability. After rigorous testing and verification, the backhoe R925 can operate stably in long-term and high-intensity working environments.

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