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The Highest Quality Mini Excavator on The Market

The king of cost performance machine:NDI355

RIPPA NDI 355 mini excavator is the famous person product of our company. This product has a couple of benefits such as pilot, deflection, and tailless, which can assist you function stably in a number of environments. RIPPA compact excavators are the clever desire for events excavation and website instruction projects. RIPPA excavators have greater specific aspects to assist you make bigger productiveness and maximize uptime.Most importantly, this mannequin makes use of a Kubota engine.

Best Mini Home Excavator:R327N

New upgraded mini excavator with better heat radiation and higher eficiency. lt is more intelligent since it is controlled by ECU computer. it can be used for road breaking, excavation, vegetable greenhouse, wasteland opening on hills, feces cleaning of the farm, transformation of toilet, indoor breaking etc.The chassis is formed in one step, and the forearm design is smoother and more resistance-free.Water cooling, hydraulic oil cooling dual cooling.Using plastic fuel tank, it is not easy to block the oil pipe.The first microcomputer controlled excavator.Humanized design, storage racks, electronic throttle, etc. make work convenient and worry-free.

The most popular mini excavators:L330

The L330 2-ton mini excavator all makes use of imported accessories, which improves the standard overall performance of the machine. The Kubota engine is powerful; the tailless partial amendment format permits the fuselage to rotate freely 360 degrees, making the fuselage bendy and efficient; the cylinder is cast and shaped at one time, placed above the boom, and is no longer handy to be collided and broken; it has the features of excavation, crushing, trench clearing, and drilling , bulldozing and different functions.

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