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RIPPA Mini Backhoe

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Applicable Scene

Construction Sites、Port Logistics、 Road Construction

The R906E 1.9Ton Mini Backhoe, equipped with Kubota D1105 engine, is full of power, durable and more fuel efficient. The front and rear frames are hinged with heavy tie rod ball joints, which has strong bearing capacity and is more smooth when turning and twisting; Flexible operation to meet more operation requirements.
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①、Large capacity bucket, high work efficiency, can shovel up to 500 kilograms of cargo.

②、Roatable air seat with seat belt ensures comfort and safety for long hours.

③、Multi-function steering wheel, function concentration, convenient operation. Hydraulic steering has a priority valve and has better steering capability at low pressure. And there is an instrument display, the data is more detailed, convenient to understand the parameters of the machine.

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